Top 3 blush shades every dark skinned Sable Beauty must own

The quickest way to make your face appear fresher and brighter? Blush, blush, blush.
But how do you pick a shade that compliments your beautiful dark complexion? 
For Sable Beauties, especially ones with Indian complexions like Mindy Kaling or a deep ebony shade like Naomi Campbell colour is essential.

"It is important to pick a blush that works (hard) for your complexion" says Jane McBennett make up artist for sable 
You need a lot of colour so go for elegant bold shades that might look intimidating but will translate into a subtle yet visible wash of colour once applied on the skin. Think hot coral, dark purple hues which rich brown undertones, and deep pink hues.

See here the top 3 blush shades we picked for you!

Cool and elegant Neolita
Universally flattering Fira
The perfect hot pink for a youthful glow is a Myracle

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