SableBeauty Edits: Your 5 Must Buys for Spring

Spring is in the air. Brighter light, longer days leave you with little room to hide and conceal under layers of clothes and layers of make up. Instead it is the season for 'a less is more approach', with a focus on clear, fresh skin, glowing complexions and a hint of popping red...
As tempting as it is to think 'hmm sounds nice but probably not for me trend?', it actually is.
With our simple edit of '5 Must Buy Products for Spring' feeling confident, radiant and at ease with your unique beauty has never been more easy.

The brief: Pick a priming serum that adds amazing natural looking radiance without weighing the skin or make it go ashy.
Verdict: We tested, we tried and tested again to find that product that translates that glowing trend best for olive, medium and dark complexions and this is the must have product

Shop: Celestial Liquid Lighting 


The brief: Edit a selection of nourishing, lightweight foundations, with formulas that translate in a modern look and feel on the skin and matches your skin tone instead of the other way around..
Verdict: The perfect sheer and light foundation is the one that allows you complete freedom in going for a light sheer application or more coverage without ever looking or feeling heavy on the skin. So we picked the ones that honour this and at the same time come in a wide range of truly matching shades for anyone from the neutral olive toned, medium toned, Asian, brown and deep dark skin toned; because no matter how great a foundation looks, feels or sounds; if it does not match you it is game over for us. 

Shop: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation
Shop: The Sensual Skin Enhancer

The brief: Find that hardworking mascara that can deal with not easily impressed course lashes in need of volume and moisture.
Verdict: A cult mascara that deserves a place on your top shelf. It coats and shapes even the coarsest lashes with an iron grip, thanks to the japanese tube technology that coats each lash individually and leaves them super smooth and moisturised courtesy of beeswax resulting in a bright, open eyed expression. 


Shop: The Volume Mascara 


The brief: Find that classic red that gives that modern feel; unexpected but sophisticated yet with no compromise on texture, pigment and lasting power and it must MATCH deep dark skin tones as well!
Verdict: we went on a fun adventure and discovered that there is a red gem out there nobody is telling you about, so we will. This is the classic, mild blue toned red. Extremely pigmented (and we mean extremely), not drying, long wearing, bold. Not for the faint hearted but this is the classic red that works. Period.


 Shop: Beauty is Life Kingdom

The brief: Find an easy to use product to groom the brow on a daily basis with a brush strong (!) enough to handle thick, unruly brow hairs
Verdict: Every woman can benefit from simple yet super effective tools so we just picked the easiest one that really delivers. The slimmest, thinnest brow pencil to be precise and only fill in where hair is sparse (thus avoiding 'a brow on steroids' look), combined with the strongest brush we have tested on some of the most thickest, unruly brows.  The colour is a flattering dark brown that will not make you look to severe in the friendly spring light.


Shop: The Precision Brow Pencil


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