A top London facialist's Nr. 1 advice for truly better skin


Antonia Burrell, one of London's top skin care experts, has amassed a cult following with her signature anti-ageing facials and anti-blemish skin care line. Her loyal fans include royals like Princess Tatiana of Greece, celebrities with the most enviable radiant skin like Thandie Newton and well everybody who loves her clean, holistic but thorough approach to beauty that evolves around a glowing, radiant complexion.

Her advice if you want to make a small change to achieve truly better skin?  Start incorporating the ‘double cleanse’ in your skin care routine.
The first cleanse is primarily for ‘taking off the day’; removing makeup, SPF, pollution and dust that sits on our skin and clogs our pores (especially a concern for those of us who live in great but very polluted big cities with lots of traffic) It is essential during this stage to ensure all makeup around the eye area is removed thoroughly, as any left over product will dry the skin. A thorough cleanse in areas such as the side of the nose and just above the chin is also important as these tend to produce more sweat and oil throughout the day - and gather more dead skin cells which will in turn block these pores and results in bumps under the skin or blackheads.

The second cleanse penetrates the skin, meaning your product can really get to work and you can reap the benefits. Her top tip is to massage your cleansing product into the skin in upwards motions to give the complexion a natural lift and then remove with a hot cloth for a gentle exfoliation.

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