In our quest to scan the planet for the great big beauty finds that you will love we hit another jackpot with the amazing lipstick collection by Stiks Cosmetiks. Already referred to as the next beauty wonder, and exciting beauty editors everywhere, it is the first ever lipstick that you can apply by using one single hand. The cool silver chrome packaging is compact, sophisticated and easy to use courtesy of an ingenious flat case design and clear flip top cap attached to the tube.

But a great design is only part of what makes Stiks Cosmetiks so great, you don't get voted Top 3 on HuffingtonPost Best Beauty Buys of 2014 (link here), unless there is a great formulation in that great packaging and Stiks is as beautiful from the inside as it is from the outside. The seriously pigmented matte formula is long lasting, creamy and not drying. And the angular shapes means you can master a precise application and fill in the cupid bow peak or line the lips without blurring.
Stiks Cosmetiks comes in six beautiful universal shades Mauve, Burgundy, Red, Cinnamon , Tangerine and a light Nude and thanks to a clever adaptable undertone will fit every undertones whether cool, neutral or warm like a glove. The next big thing in beauty for sure
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