Our Guest Editor Anoushka Silva explores wedding beauty rituals fit for the modern bride

Written By Anoushka Silva - August 14 2015


Hakema kharoti
August 25 2015

What an interesting and insightful read. Anoushka has a very exciting and enticing way of writing which draws you in! I look forward to making her glow recipe, it was a great addition to the story.

Sheila Mistry
August 18 2015

What a great article. Brings back many memories of the Hindu rituals I went through when I got married. I’m also familar with the face/skin rub made with Chick Pea flour (I use to apply this to my skin during my spotty teenager days as advised my by mother). Termeric is a wonderful spice which also has health benefits too as it contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. x

August 18 2015

Very interesting article not only relevant to a bride-to-be but for anyone looking for more healthy, glowing skin. I’m inspired to attempt to make the Solah Shringar myself and maybe even try it out on my boyfriend too! I look forward to hearing about more tips from Anoushka

Daniel Williams
August 18 2015

My girlfriend is a huge fan of the Sable Beauty site and is always remarking about the amazing curated products. It is a great site for gift ideas and she will love this new additional feature to the site. With an upcoming wedding, the wealth of information will be a great read for her. Do hope there will be more features like this to come from Anoushka.

Natasha Silva
August 18 2015

An in depth insight and who’d have thought that todays modern store cupboard ingredients yield such glowing results when mixed and applied to ones skin!

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