The Case For Non - Toxic Deodorant

The potential health problems associated with conventional antiperspirants and deodorants have been common knowledge for decades. Yet most of us don't give it a second thought that we are plugging sweat glands and depositing elements like fragrance, aluminum, and powerful synthetic antibacterial agents right where so many of the body’s lymph glands, vital to the body’s immune system, are. 


Interestingly enough conventional deodorant formulas based in aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, triclosan, silica, that have been on the market for over a century now, don't actually perform better than natural ones. By prioritizing a formula that is condensed and fast-absorbing to provide immediate results, you only need to apply a very small amount to get long-lasting protection compared to conventional deodorants.

So how does a more clean and safe option deodorant work and do they work? The answer is Yes ! They’re pretty incredible—and have to be tried to be believed. Clean deodorants come at the problem from several different angles: Some employ botanical and clay powders to absorb wetness; others use antibacterial essential oils to kill the bacteria that causes odor; others use plant ingredients to stop the chemical reaction between the sweat and the bacteria. 

And also, natural deodorants typically lower the risk of skin allergies, for darker skin tones limit the forming of dark underarm stains (which is a result of the skin protecting itself from heavy irritating chemicals), deliver a closer, cleaner shave, and stop those annoying yellow stains from forming on your shirts. 

Berlin based founder of our new Natural and Non Toxic Deodorant brand 'Girl Smells' founder Ella Mellis found herself constantly searching for an aluminium-free formula that truly delivered on performance and when she ran out of options she decided to formulate her own.  With so much scrutiny around aluminium and the possible long-term health implications of blocking your sweat ducts, there was a strong desire to create an alternative…a healthy option. Finally hitting on the perfect wetness-obliterating, silky feeling, beautifully scented combination was satisfying, she says: “I really engaged friends and family when developing the product and they loved the whole experience, the effectiveness. And they love the peace of mind from using a clean, safe product.”

Switching from chemical deodorant to clean one can involve a transition period, the body expels toxins and adjusts and you can experience some increased odourless sweating which can scare people right back to their chemical deodorant. But we recommend hanging in there, while this adjustment can be rough, it’s totally worth it in the end.




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