A Little Eye Opener


I love make up. A lot. And have built up quiet a collection over the years. It covers the usual stuff, think 8-10 different brands of foundation ( I am always looking for that holy grail of foundation, which I have now found but more on that later), numerous eye pencils, blushes and lipsticks. Despite my vast collection I can often still manage to rush out of the door barefaced (well nearly) with no eye makeup, mascara, blush or lipstick.

When I say nearly barefaced I mean that I almost never leave the house without a bit of foundation to conceal the areas of uneven skin and those stubborn spots of hyper pigmentation that take ages to fade especially when I do not consistently apply my 30 SPF sunscreen everyday.

At the moment I absolutely love the sensual skin enhancer (in SX 11 and SX 12) as an everyday foundation. It is perfect for targeting specific areas without having to do a full face of foundation and doubles as a concealer which is excellent to erase those dark circles under the eye. And the shade is just sublime, it literally disappears into the skin that is how well it blends. Since using it I have received numerous compliments on how glowing my skin looks, even in the harshest daylight. 
But no matter how great my skin looks thanks to my foundation holy grail, I can still manage to look tired and a bit drained, especially later in the day after spending many hours looking at a computer screen. 


Which is when I come to regret my almost barefaced look the most
and get into action with a rushed trip to a drugstore to try whatever random product is available to cheer my face up. But as you get that little bit older you get that little bit wiser and (fortunately) become more picky about what you put on your face, so I now religiously carry a little bag with a few essentials that I can use depending on my mood and where I am going.   

Which is how I discovered an unexpected combination of an extremely pink and bright blush on my cheeks (that looks slightly scary until you apply it) and a soft peachy golden illuminator applied on the top of my cheekbones, just above the area where I applied my extremely bright pink blush. In less then 2 minutes I went from drab to... well looking fresh and bright, as if my day started all over again.


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