The Best Face Oils For Your Skin

Ask Sable: The Best Face Oils?

We love Face Oils at SableBeauty, but we know some of you struggle with their exact purpose and how to use them. Is a Face Oil a moisturiser or do you layer it?
Read on for your personal Face Oil 101

Face oils have been around for centuries, and women all over the world have been using them to make the skin feel and look better. The benefits are endless, it plumps up the skin, makes it feel infinitely softer and more elastic, and leaves a tremendous glow.

You can use face oil as a moisturiser. Massage a few drops after cleansing, toning and adding your favorite serum. But you can do even more with your Face Oil. What about using it as an afternoon pick me up? When the skin starts to feel dull and tired after a long day it is tempting to just add a few more layers of make up; DO NOT!  Put a few drops of face oil (try Herbivore Orchid Oil) between your fingers, smoothing so the oil is spread super-thin, and pat lightly onto your face, avoiding eye makeup but hitting everywhere else, especially the under eye. Let it sink in for a couple of minutes, and you will find your skin refreshed and glowy!


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